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June 5, 2013

Watson Addresses Media at Cardinal Caravan

Louisville offensive coordinator Shawn Watson addressed a group of reporters at the Annual Cardinal Club Caravan at Captain’s Quarters. Watson begins his second season as the leader of the offense and has plenty of returning weapons at his disposal. Here is what Watson had to say on Tuesday night at CQ:

On the players returning to campus and incoming freshmen also being on campus:

“It’s going really good. It’s always exciting to get everybody back. We have 100 percent of the guys here. Some of the incoming freshmen are finishing up but they’ll be joining us real soon. It’s an exciting time. We’re all excited about what the season holds. Everyone is excited about the possibilities and everyone is working really hard. There’s a real excitement in the building, but the thing that hasn’t changed is the work ethic and focus.”

On the luxury of having a number of weapons on offense:

“That’s the challenging part for us is to make sure we spread it around. As you saw last year that’s indicative of who we are. We had 18 different guys catch balls. That’s what we do. And with a guy who can distribute it like Teddy…that’s what gives us a chance to be really successful on offense.”

On QB Teddy Bridgewater:

“I think he’s very confident right now. You see him taking more ownership in the leading aspect. He’s always been a quiet leader by example. Now he’s the leader by conviction. That’s the biggest thing you see outwardly of him. As far as his game, we’re quickening up his release and making it a little more compact. We’re always working on his footwork.”

On Dominique Brown returing after suffering an injury last season:

“He adds a different dimension. We really missed him last year. Dominique is a physical presence. That’s what he did this spring. He’s in great shape and he’s playing with a confidence he didn’t play with in ’11. He played good in ’11 but he now has a confidence and feel for the position more than anything else. What you saw from him in the spring game is what he’s like. I think he’ll have a great year this year.”