Kenny Carter Provides Updates on the Running Backs

On Dominique Brown:
“He is doing well. He is transitioning back from being injured.  He always stayed in with what we were doing, like the meetings. He has really grown.”

On Brown’s Ability Coming Off His Injury:
His ability is the same. His ability has always been good. Now, he is playing more and he is more effective in what we are doing pass-protection wise. You can tell he is really locked in conceptually understanding what we are trying to do.”

On 1,000-Yard Rushers:
I would say the goal is to have two 1,000-yard rushers. He definitely has that ability. You also have two other guys in Senorise (Perry) and Corvin (Lamb) who have that ability. Senorise would have been a 1,000-yard rusher if he didn’t miss four games. You have two other guys who can do it too.”

On Dominique Brown’s Size:
For his size, he is very athletic and that will bode well for him. It will help him. For example, in the West Virginia game we had an unblocked guy right there he made a run for the first down.”

On Senroise Perry’s Rehab:
He is doing well. He is really coming along. He is running now. He is doing some things where he is changing direction both front and back. He isn’t doing anything laterally. We are going to hold on that for a while, but he is doing a good job.”


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