Bridgewater Talks to the Media After First Practice

Teddy Bridgewater Quotes from Wednesday’s First Practice

On the first day
“It’s a great feeling. The offseason went well. The guys came out and competed. The first day is about being organized and showing effort. Today, everyone came out and gave it their all.”

On his third spring season
“There is a big difference. With this being my third spring, I feel like a veteran. I feel like I’m one of those guys that everyone looks up too. If the young guys are out there and they don’t know their assignments, I want to be out there to help them. That is something different about this team”

On the difference with having everyone back
“We know with all the guys are coming back, and we have that chemistry and everyone has faith in one another.”

On having a great bunch of wide receivers
“That is every quarterbacks dream, ball fetchers. Devante Parker, Damian Copeland, Robert Clark, a new edition. Those guys bring excitement to the offense.”

On the addition of Gerald Christian and Robert Clark
“They change things up. We are able to do a lot more now that GC is here. We are able to have more packages with the tight end on the field. Robert Clark brings that speed to the offense; that quickness and elusiveness.”

On Gerald Christian
“He is a machine. He will go across the middle and catch the ball with three defenders on his back. He can block. He can pancake guys. He is an offensive lineman, a running back and a wide receiver in one body.”

On what he needs to improve on
“I want to improve my mechanics and become a leader. I want to more to my left more and throwing the deep ball more. It has to come natural and come from within. At times, I’m a shy person, but lately I’m showing my true character.”

On Will Stein graduating
“It’s weird not having Will (Stein) there. Will was the guy who pushed me. He knew the offense. I’m the guy who has to teach the offense, while Will was the guy who was teaching me the offense.”

On the back-up quarterback position
“Will Gardner is a star in the making and Brett Nelson is too. Both guys are ready to compete and eager to learn. They are both ready to get out there and show what they can do.”


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