Monday Notebook

Jamon Brown Post-Practice Interview
Monday Notebook

The University of Louisville returned to the practice field Monday evening for its longest workout of the summer.

Under extreme heat, the Cardinals went 25 periods, but it was also the sharpest they have been so far in the first three practices. The wide receivers had a solid day, especially senior Andrell Smith and  sophomore Jarrett Davis, who both made long receptions down the field on passes from Teddy Bridgewater and Will Stein.

The Cardinals are extremely deep at wide receiver, despite Michaelee Harris being limited. However, Harris did participate in some team work this evening.

Brown Settling in at Offensive Tackle:
Jamon Brown is emerging at offensive tackle after making the transition from defensive tackle about four games into the season.

“I just wanted to take advantage of my opportunity,” said sophomore tackle Brown. “In camp, you learn the most. Last year, I had a lot of work to do and a lot to learn. Coming into Louisville, I had thoughts about being a defensive lineman, but now that I’m an offensive lineman, I want to be an offensive lineman. We can be great. We have the chemistry. We are working every day to make ourselves better individually and as a unit.”

DeVante Parker

Goals for this year:
“This year, hopefully I can get more touchdowns because it just has to do with me, getting open and doing my job.”

On what Parker is doing the best:
“I’m more focused this year than I was last year. This year, I’m really focused and trying to make the team and receiving corps better.”

On who has taught him the most:
“Andrell Smith has helped me a lot, telling me what I need to do, work on and what I need to do better.”


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