Cardinals Begin Mat Drills on National Signing Day

While most of the country is focused on fax machines and signatures, current members on the University of Louisville football team were focused on improving for the 2012 season, taking to the Trager Indoor Practice Facility Wednesday morning with the kickoff of their mat drills at 5:45 a.m.

The Cardinals worked out for over an hour, conducting various agility and toughness drills to get ready for the upcoming season. The team splits up into their respective position groups and does work at a variety of stations. Each coach conducts a series of agility drills to build endurance and toughness.

The highlight of the practice, however, is when the team hits the wrestling mats for drills that head coach Charlie Strong uses to instill toughness into the team. One teammate will lay on the ground and the other one will jump on his back when the whistle blows. The player on the ground will do whatever possible to get his body across the line. The winner advances, while the loser does up-downs.

The Cardinals will conduct six Wednesday morning workouts until the team is ready to report for spring practice, which is scheduled to begin on March 21.

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For video of mat drills, click here.


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